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Real Estate Photographer and Videographer

Hello! let’s get acquainted. My name is Aleksandr, but you can call me Alex 🙂 I am a real estate photographer specializing in architectural, interior and exterior photography and video shooting, based in Phuket, Thailand. Photo & Video is my lifestyle. I began my way by filming nature, people and various events, then I became interested of real estate photography. And I really fell in love with this direction. I like homeliness, comfortable houses, villas and cozy hotels, beautiful pre-house areas, gardens, interesting interiors and designs and all that is done by human hands for people with love and care. And my passion now is opportunity to show all of that by photography and video.

My goal is to show all the advantages of the place that I shoot and make high-quality professional photos or videos to attract more customers to you or just to please you! 

Thank you for visiting my website! I hope for productive cooperation! See you later!

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