preparing for photo shooting

My goal is to make highest quality photos or videos to attract more offers and customers to you!

To do this, we need to work together as a team to get the desired result. Try to decorate your place, fill the empty spaces or empty too filled. Vases, paintings, flowers, fruits, food and so on are welcome for photography or video shooting.

I have a checklist that you should do before I come to your place to take a photo or shoot a video:

1) Cleaning and decoration must be done before my arrival.
I can move small objects (flowers, small pictures, etc.) to improve the photo.
Before I arrive, they must be in place, same as larger items must be in place. Outside same, move all hoses, tools and etc… and clean a territory.
2) Mirrors, glass and metal must be clean as well. 
3) Hide: trashcans, portable fans, cords and remotes.
4) Open curtains in each room to see the view. 
5) Turn on all lights, fix it if it’s not working.
6) Turn off ceiling fans.
7) Remove personal hygiene items from the bathtub and other rooms.
8) Put toilet seats down.
9) Get the cars off the road.
10) Clean the pool if you have It.

Thank you for your time and patience to go through this checklist! 

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