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In order to calculate the cost of your photo shoot, you need to complete just three steps:

1. Choose the photography style that best suits your property.
2. Fill out the form and answer some questions that will help me better understand your needs.
3. Then just click the “Send” button and I will send you the cost of your photo shoot as soon as possible.

Feel free to write all the details and your wishes in detail, this will help me most accurately calculate the cost of my work and save you from additional questions.

Thank you!

photography styles

NOTE: Photo quality reduced, compressed for fast opening. 


The “Flambient” technique is when photography uses flash to achieve a balance between artificial and natural light.
Flash allows you to control reflections and glare, which helps maintain the natural colors of surfaces and avoid excessive shine. Better perception of colors and textures, especially in low natural light conditions. The combination of flash light and natural light can highlight details and textures, making colors appear richer and more vibrant. And also the view from the windows will always be clearly and clearly visible. Neighboring rooms in the frame will also be visible brightly and clearly.
When using this technique, several photos are combined into one.
Here are some examples of the “Flambient” technique:

Ambient HDR

This technique uses only natural light (ambient) and in some cases additional lighting in the rooms. An HDR photograph is created by combining multiple shots at different exposure levels. Typically a minimum of three frames are used: one normally exposed, one underexposed (dark) and one overexposed (light).
There may sometimes be natural highlights and reflections on photos. As well as shades and color shadows from other objects.
The view from the windows will also be clearly visible, but perhaps glare will also be visible.
Here are some examples of the “Ambient HDR” technique:


In this technique, just one photo is taken and editing is applied to it. The advantage of this technique is the speed of its execution. If you need photos quickly and in larger quantities, then this is what you need.
There will not always be a clear view from the windows, most often reflections and glare will be visible. As well as color shadows from objects around. A lot depends on the lighting outside and inside.
Here are some examples of the Ambient technique:

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